How to send money to Nigeria through Worldremit

How to send money to Nigeria through Worldremit

What are you searching for? How do you Send money to Nigeria through Worldremit? Has become more accessible and more convenient than ever before. Traditional remittance systems have changed with the rise of digital payment platforms. 

One such website that makes it possible for consumers to send money swiftly, securely, and economically to Nigeria is WorldRemit. This guide will provide a detailed insight into sending money to Nigeria through WorldRemit, highlighting its features, benefits, and step-by-step process.

Below is the step-by-step guide to How to send money to Nigeria through Worldremit. 

How to send money to Nigeria through Worldremit

Step 1: Understanding WorldRemit

Provide a concise overview of WorldRemit as a prominent digital money transfer service. Emphasize the primary attributes and advantages of selecting WorldRemit for sending remittances to Nigeria. Elaborate on WorldRemit’s comprehensive measures to ensure the utmost safety and protection of all transactions.

Step 2: Setting Up Your WorldRemit Account

Explain the procedure of creating a WorldRemit account.

Highlight the records and documents required for verification.

Emphasize the significance of supplying accurate info for continuing enjoyment.

Step 3. Verify Your Identity

After setting up your account, WorldRemit requires you to verify your identity to enhance security. Engaging in this procedure requires offering a duplicate of your identification document, like a passport or driver’s license, and presenting a precisely scanned image of the paper.

Step 4. Beginning a Money Transfer 

Outline the process of initiating a money transfer through WorldRemit step-by-step. Examine the diverse payment methods, encompassing bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and mobile money. Explain the importance of choosing the right payout preference, whether a mobile wallet, bank deposit, or cash pickup.

Step 5. Calculating Transfer Costs and Exchange Rates

Elaborate on WorldRemit’s transfer charges and employed exchange rates. Guide minimizing costs and augmenting the transfer’s worth. Examine potential factors contributing to fluctuations in exchange rates.

Step 6. Ensuring a Secure Transaction

Highlight the implemented security measures by WorldRemit to safeguard personal data and transactions. Emphasize the importance of verifying recipient information before finalizing the transfer. Offer recommendations to avoid common scams and fraudulent practices associated with money transfers.

Step 7. Tracking and Receiving Funds

Detail the process by which customers can track the progress of their money transfer using the WorldRemit platform. Examine the anticipated transfer durations and factors that could influence the speed of delivery. Provide recipients with instructions on retrieving funds using their preferred payout method.

Step 8. Customer Support and Assistance

  • Showcase the customer assistance alternatives WorldRemit offers, such as live chat, email, or telephone.
  • Furnish details regarding how users can contact WorldRemit to address inquiries or concerns. 
  • Present endorsements or feedback from contented clients using WorldRemit to send remittances to Nigeria.

Step 9. Provide Recipient Information

Please enter the recipient’s info as it should be. It includes their full name, cellphone number, and Nigerian financial institution account info. Double-testing the information is critical to avoid delays or headaches in the switch procedure.

Step 10. Review and Confirm the Transaction

Kindly input the recipient’s information accurately, including their complete name, mobile number, and details of the Nigerian bank account. Ensuring the information’s accuracy through a double-check is vital to prevent delays or complications in the transfer process.

Step 11. Notify the Recipient

After the transfer has been finalized, notify the recipient about the impending arrival of the funds. Furnish them with crucial transaction details, encompassing the anticipated delivery time and the specific transaction reference number.

Step 12. Funds Delivery

The recipient can access the funds through their Nigerian bank account, mobile money account, or by collecting cash from designated WorldRemit partners in Nigeria. The choice of the delivery method relies on the recipient’s preferences and the available alternatives in their specific location.

Step 13. Fees and Exchange Rates

WorldRemit offers competitive fees for its services, which can differ based on the transfer amount and chosen delivery method. Moreover, exchange rates are susceptible to market shifts. Nonetheless, WorldRemit maintains transparency regarding its fees and exchange rates, enabling you to preview the exact sum your recipient will receive before confirming the transfer.

Step 14. Nigeria as the Receiving Country

Upon logging into your WorldRemit account, designate Nigeria as the destination country. Confirm the accuracy of all recipient particulars, including their full name and contact information, as these details are crucial to facilitate the smooth delivery of the funds to the intended recipient.

Step 15. Choose Your Transfer Method


WorldRemit offers a range of transfer options tailored to your requirements and preferences. Depending on what suits your recipient in Nigeria best, you can opt for bank transfers, cash pickups, or mobile money transfers. Choose your preferred transfer method and proceed to the next step.

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By following the instructions in this guide, we can assist you in understanding how to send money to Nigeria via WorldRemit. Sending money to Nigeria has become increasingly convenient and accessible, thanks to platforms like WorldRemit.

Following these uncomplicated steps, you can securely send funds to your loved ones in Nigeria right from the convenience of your home. WorldRemit provides competitive exchange rates, low fees, and exceptional customer support to ensure a smooth process. Start using WorldRemit today and enjoy effortlessly sending money to Nigeria.

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